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The Story that Sparked the Idea

Behind Ruby's Doobies

Ruby's Doobies is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the fun, community-building and productive aspects of cannabis. We offer innovative and stylish products that are designed to enhance your cannabis experience and keep it hands-free. Our flagship product, the doobie glasses, is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy their smoke or vape hands-free while keeping their hands free to complete tasks. Whether you're at a music festival, exploring the city, or simply relaxing at home, Ruby's Doobies helps you stay productive, stylish, and comfortable.

Ruby's Doobies was founded by Ruby Dussek, a cannabis enthusiast who saw a need for more practical and fashionable accessories for cannabis users. She wanted to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis users by creating products that show how productive and creative they can be.


At Ruby's Doobies, we believe that cannabis can be a positive force for creativity, community building, and self-care. Our products are designed to help you enjoy your cannabis experience hands-free, so you can focus on what really matters. Join us in celebrating the fun, productive, and community-building aspects of cannabis culture with Ruby's Doobies.

Ruby's Doobies made waves last year, walking the runway at New York Fashion Week and being featured at the AfroPunk Brooklyn festival. Our unique products, including the innovative doobie glasses, have caught the attention of many in the cannabis and fashion communities. But we're more than just a trendy brand - we believe in building community and keeping cannabis fun. In a recent interview with CanvasRebel, Ruby spoke about her journey into the cannabis industry and how she came up with the idea for Ruby's Doobies, and the importance of building community within the cannabis industry.

We're excited to continue pushing boundaries and spreading positivity through our products and events.

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