Introducing Plug Talk

Introducing Plug Talk

In light of the legalization of cannabis and the opening of different types of dispensaries, I can't help to think about the experiences that I will miss.

Finding a good plug is a rite of passage. Stories of trying to pick up are priceless and will stay with me forever. In fact, I consider one of my plugs to be a very good friend of mine based on the longevity of our relationship and the quality of their weed.

Although, it took me a long time to get here. Finding the perfect blend of quality supply and reliability sometimes feels damn near impossible. Especially if you don't have a good reference or prior experience with their supply.

In this series, I will share different plug stories that I experienced, heard, or witnessed. Please share your plug stories to or #doobiediscussions on twitter to be featured.

All stories will remain anonymous.

The flow of the story may be altered for readability but the structure of the story will remain the same.

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