Our Mission

Ruby's Doobies was created with the intention to be an advocate for cannabis. One of the easiest ways to make a difference and break down the stigma is to get informed. It starts with learning more about what you're smoking and the intention you set before smoking it. With education we can debunk false information and promote health.

Most importantly, keep cannabis fun!

With the legalization of medicinal cannabis, there a lot of cannabis culture nuances that have dwindled. With Ruby's Doobies I aspire to keep the fun and creative side of cannabis alive. I love trying intuative ways to consume cannabis, it was only a matter of time that I would dive deeper into smoking accessories. The Doobie Glasses are just the beginning! I look forward to sharing my products with fellow smoking accesory lovers.

The Creation of the Original Doobie Glasses

In July 2020, the first Original Doobie Glasses was created. During that year, I transitioned to working remotely and the necessity for multitasking increased. I spent a lot of my hours on my sunny balcony working on the computer. With almost every keystroke, I dropped ash on my keyboard and brushed it off with the possibility of deleting a project or sending unfinished email. I thought, there must be a way to make this hands - free. Then the creation of the Doobie Glasses began.

At first, the Doobie Glasses were created out pure creativity, it was almost comical. But I later realized that this product was bigger than I thought. Not only are the Doobie Glasses a way to smoke a doobie hands-free but it is also a conversation starter.

I loved the idea that this product would open the door for likeminded people to start a conversation about cannabis. I then decided that the name of the collections and glasses would also be cannabis related to further promote the conversation. I imagine people sharing stories about their experiences they've had with a strain or think of trying a strain at their next visit to the dispensary. My mission is ot create products which sparks a conversation about cannabis education and ends in laughter.

Executing then product design of the Doobie Glasses took a lot of research. I was looking for the best components for the most comfortable fit while being stylish. The key was finding the perfect universal distance from the face and height from the lips. The curves of the wire are set to achieve just that.

Once I solidified the design the Original Doobie Glasses were launched. The collection was 10 pairs of all black classic Rayban inspired frames; half classic/half matte. The debut collection sold out within the first month.

Shortly after the Functional Stoner Collection launched. A collection of bluelight Doobie Glasses. Currently I am releasing designs and collections as they are created.

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