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AfroPunk is more than just a music festival. It is a celebration of black culture, creativity, and freedom. Started in 2005, AfroPunk has become a global phenomenon, attracting people from all over the world to its annual events. The festival features live music, art, fashion, food, and more, all highlighting the talents and contributions of black people to various industries.

At AfroPunk Brooklyn in 2022, one booth stood out from the rest: Ruby's Doobies. The booth was filled with merchandise featuring the iconic doobie glasses, a unique invention that allows cannabis enthusiasts to smoke their favorite herb without using their hands.

The glasses come in various styles and colors, and are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and functionality. The doobie glasses were a hit among festival-goers, who were not only impressed by their practicality but also by their fashion statement. Ruby's Doobies booth was always crowded, with people lining up to buy the glasses and other merchandise, and participating in the activities in the tent

But Ruby's Doobies was not just about selling merchandise. The booth was also a place where people could come together and celebrate cannabis culture. Ruby herself was always present, engaging with customers, answering questions, and sharing her passion for cannabis.

Her family and friends were also there to help, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made people feel at home.

One of the most memorable experiences at Ruby's Doobies booth was the free photo booth, where festival-goers could take pictures with their friends and the iconic doobie glasses. The booth was always busy, with people striking poses and showing off their glasses. The pictures were not just souvenirs of the festival, but also a testament to the sense of community that Ruby's Doobies had created.

Ruby's Doobies has become more than just a brand. It is a movement that celebrates cannabis culture and builds community. It is a reminder that cannabis can be fun, fashionable, and practical, all at the same time.

MorePhotos From The Event

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