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Ruby's Doobies made a splash at New York Fashion Week, strutting down the runway with their signature doobie glasses. The show was hosted by YANA, a creative agency known for its boundary-pushing and inclusive approach to fashion. Ruby's Doobies was invited to walk the runway alongside other innovative designers, showcasing their unique brand of cannabis-inspired accessories.

Ruby, the founder of Ruby's Doobies, was invited to walk the runway wearing vintage Prada from THE WAGON in Brooklyn, Cannabis Art Merch from Cabin 7 Originals in Las Vegas, and merchandise from Buddy's Bodega.

To complete the look, Ruby's nails were done by TheNextSet, who created a cannabis-inspired set that included a pair of doobie glasses painted on each nail. The doobie glasses were the highlight of the runway display, allowing models to puff on their doobies hands-free while showcasing their unique styles.

The brand's innovative take on fashion and cannabis culture drew praise from fashion experts and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Ruby's Doobies showcased that fashion and cannabis culture can coexist, creating a new wave of fashion-forward cannabis accessories. Siddy Static was another cannabis model who walked the runway wearing a pair of doobie glasses that paired perfectly with her shirt from Cabin 7 Apparel.

She also wore her personal pair of doobie glasses throughout the night because they matched so well with her outfit.

Ruby's Doobies has proven that their unique doobie glasses can add style and functionality to any outfit, making them perfect for festivals and events, outdoor activities, and everyday use. With their sights set on transcending the cannabis community and becoming a household name, Ruby's Doobies is set to revolutionize how we think about cannabis accessories in the fashion industry.

More Photos From The Night

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